The wind and your plants

The wind and your plants

Good morning friends, remember that annoying agent for your plants? well today in Decoration and Jaridines We want the wind not to be a problem for them, so here we leave you some solutions that can be useful.

On many occasions, no matter how big our yard or where we want to grow the plants, atmospheric agents like the wind end up with some of the beautiful flowers.

For this factor there are only two possible solutions … one of them is to defend ourselves from the wind, how? if you want to keep your plants and flowers intact, we will protect them using protective screens of natural origin …

These walls protectors of natural origin They can be well hedges or bushes, these will impede the passage of such a great wind. We can also choose artificial protectors such as plastic panels or wooden grilles, these are already sold and prevent the wind from wreaking havoc on your favorite plants.

On the other hand, if it is windy season where you live or just a few days ago of dogs .. we can always group the pots .. this will make one next to another stay more sheltered from the wind, better than alone.

Another natural solution is to plant palm trees, in the ground or in pots … if several plants is a very effective solution against the wind.

On the other hand we can search and plant wind-resistant plants, such as conifers … especially stand out for their size and shape. There are many varieties that can play a nice role in the garden or terrace when there is wind, such as varieties such as cupressus lambertiana, emerald thuya, arizonica cupressus

Other wind resistant plants and divine to decorate will be the anthyllis erinacea whose flowers can be found in a wonderful bluish violet color, being ideal for its resistance to the wind.

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