This way it will be very easy to fold an adjustable sheet. We had no idea that it could be that simple.

Folding your duvet cover and pillowcases is quite easy. You can store them in the closet in perfectly folded squares, without problems. But then there's that damn fitted sheet …

Have you ever managed to perfectly fold an adjustable sheet? If so, we applaud you!

For most people it is almost impossible task, at least they cannot do it alone, (we are included in this select group), to fold an adjustable sheet, we would think that more than two hands are necessary, moreover, four hands will be little … and that does not guarantee that our spring sheet is perfectly folded. It is a horror!

Being badly folded, it occupies almost twice as much space as other sheets that have no spring occupy us.

The pleated corners with the elastic make it almost impossible to fold it halfway decently. After some failed attempts, we usually give up and the thing ends up in the closet in a bulky disaster. It looks dirty and it's so frustrating! Fortunately, we have found a trick that will make folding this hated sheet as easy as folding the rest of the bedding. Bulky disorders will be a thing of the past, because this video explains in less than a minute how you can fold this type of sheet and put it in a small package to store it. As easy as that!

Watch the video where we explain how to do it easily and without taking up all the space:

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