Thyme cultivation

Good morning friends, in today's space I will talk about how cultivate thyme in an easy and simple way.

Growing aromatic plants is one of the tasks that I like the most, because besides having the plant and taking care of it … it gratifies the environment with a delicious smell.

The aroma is something that has a lot of place, within the world of decor, since it plays with the sense of smell and this in turn awakens sensations.

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<p>The aromatic herbs are undoubtedly a beautiful picture in the kitchen, especially if you have a window nearby .. you can grow different species in pots.</p>
<p>They will give a very natural touch, they will provide color and aroma … but also, we can use them in our favorite dishes.</p>
<p>If you want to grow thyme, keep in mind that this plant will grow better in light soils and with good drainage.</p>
<p>The sun is good for you, so if you put it in the window it will grow healthy and strong. Also, as I told you, you can plant it in a pot. Mixing sand, compost and some garden soil will grow perfectly.</p>
<p>You do not need to water this herb much, do not let it dry but avoid excess moisture. As I told you, she loves the sun, if it is sunny in your home, place it there.</p>
<p>As you can see, planting thyme is very easy! We will have a beautiful plant decorating any part of the home, although I prefer it in the kitchen or outdoors.</p>
<p>And, in addition, we will have a species for meals and as a medicinal use .. because many healing properties are added to thyme.</p>
<p>Among them it is good to whet the appetite, perfect for gases, is expectorant, relieves sore throats and colds … among many other things.</p>
<p>I hope this article helps you and encourages you if you want to grow thyme. Thank you very much for reading!</p>
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