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Tips: Basic gardening tools

The basic gardening tools are essential if you want to have a good garden or keep the flowers of the pots in perfect condition. Basic garden tools also need accessories such as fertilizers, fertilizers and / or some product to avoid pests. If we gather all this set, we can take care of our plants as well as possible.

If you just got hooked to the gardening world, Here are some tips on what basic tools we will need, to take care of our future plants. Something that I advise you is to have a place to store them, in addition this place must be isolated from water and moisture. In this way we will keep the tools taken care of and available for future work.

Some of the tools, which we must have, are good shovels (large or small) a rake, pruning shears, a watering can; If your green space is bigger, you will surely need a hose and a hoe. What has I left to say? No one finds out? Gloves! The gloves are indispensable, avoid possible injuries and also spread diseases through the earth where animal feces can be found.

To remove the earth and dig, the shovel is the perfect tool. Try to have a plastic handle, so that it weighs less or one of wood if you want it much more resistant. The blade of the blade must be made of steel. If the tip ends at the peak, we will dig much better and we can manipulate the earth without problems.

On the other hand, getting good scissors will help us prune our plants better. Ideal for cutting branches, try to choose scissors that fit the plant you have grown. Remember that there are many different models, some smaller and others much larger. And remember, house scissors are not worth XD

By last, the hoe and the rake become fundamental pieces in the new gardener's kit. With the hand rake we can eliminate weeds and weeds from our plants. It can also help us dig up tubers or bulbs, with more care. On the other hand the hoe will help you create grooves in the ground, in a much easier way. It will help you to divide the sections of the different plants that you are going to grow.

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