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Tips for caring for balcony plants

Although the place where plants are best developed is outside, not everyone has the possibility of having a large garden to grow them, despite this limitation we also enjoy the plants.

In these cases we can enjoy the cultivation of plants indoor or have some on the balconies or terraces. On different occasions we have referred to indoor plants, today we want to focus on plants that adapt well to balconies and explain what the conditions they need to be able to develop properly.

The floors of your balcony should not lack light (or shade) depending on each species and the hours of sunshine they receive per day. For example, plants that have flowers need more light than those that don't. We advise you to rotate the pots periodically so that your plant receives light from all sides, so you will prevent them from growing crooked or depopulated.

With respect to the wind you must be very careful, in many cases cold winds, the same as with hot winds, can damage your plants. It is best to place them in a place where they are well protected especially in areas of strong winds.

All plants, regardless of where they are located, they need moisture, some more and others less, which will depend on each species. Ideally, you spray your leaves when the weather is dry, avoid wetting the flowers so that they do not spoil.

Use quality substrates In pots, do not use soil that has been taken from a garden because it can have a lot of clay and when compacted will bring fungi and weeds. Ideally, you should mix the substrate with perlite, coconut fiber, sand or cork, so that the soil has a better aeration and the water is retained for longer.

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