Tips for cleaning plants II

Today I leave you with more tips to clean the plants. In the previous article I told you about some that can be done at home and are very useful for removing dust and stains from the leaves of our most beloved species. If you see that your plants are dirty, do not be afraid to clean them … yes, be careful when you do not go to keep the leaves in your hand.

If you have special plants or very small plants, try to remove the dirt accumulated in their recesses. As they are small you can use something that does not harm you and also serves as a small brush or broom .. for example with small brushes, you can clean the smaller plants. Make sure your hair is soft and carefully passes through the most delicate areas.

Another great idea or advice to clean the plants, is to use some softener or bath gel. This will not only remove dirt, but also give a spectacular shine to the leaves. It is important to know that you should mix the gel with water. You can add a teaspoon, in a liter of water .. this should be enough.

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<p>Now add the mixture in a bowl, the ones used to spray go pretty well .. so you can try using it. Now spray all over the plant, try not to touch the flower .. just the leaves. Emphasize the areas you see most dirty and carefully see everything pulverized. Then water with water, only, the plant .. soak it well if the plant admits water ..</p>
<p>When the plants are in bloom, the flowers should not be cleaned, or they will be lost. As they are very delicate, it is not advisable to wet them or apply any product.</p>
<p>When it dries, you will verify that the plant is completely clean. The colors shine and its leaves have no spots of lime or dust. I hope this advice is very useful for you. Greetings!</p>
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