Tips for cleaning plants

Do you want some tips to clean your plants? If you have pots, pots or planters outside the home, they will surely take a lot of dust and dirt. If you have them at home, it is likely to take longer … but in the long run you will see a thin layer of dust on the leaves of the species you have planted.

I love decorating with flowers, some I have at home and it is true that they take a lot of dust. In addition to having pets, more friendly hairs I find everywhere. Like mud, scrubbing or cleaning the crystals, the plants also have to be adjusted from time to time. Surely the outdoor plants, some that you have on the terrace or in the patio, you will see that they have more dirt.

Plants can also be cleaned, so we will see their striking colors and they will brighten up any corner of our home. To clean the plants there are several ways and tricks that are magnificent. Today I would like to share some with you. If you want your plants to look beautiful, follow these tips:

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<p>Beer is an extraordinary liquid that will help us clean the plants. Perfect for large leaf species. If you have a large-leaved plant, take a cloth or sponge and soak these in beer. Now carefully and directly clean the leaves of your plant. Clean well, but carefully. Then you just have to dry the leaves, do not give it with water, just pass a dry cloth.</p>
<p>Finally, another kitchen item and that we all have at home, which will help you thoroughly clean the leaves of the plants, is vinegar. This article, not only clean … but that gives a spectacular shine. Also removes the lime that the leaves may have! To apply this remedy remember to reduce the vinegar, with water. Fill a sprayer with more water than vinegar and go! Insist on the areas with more dirt and pass a clean cloth to remove stains.</p>
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