Tips for decorating the garden

Tips for decorating the garden

Good morning friends! In today's space we want to give you some great tips and suggestions, so that they have a beautifully decorated garden.

The garden is a space Exterior, ideal to spend time, read, play with children, take the son, have breakfast, take a walk, take care of the plants …

You must organize the yard, before planting and decorating. Use a piece of paper and make a sketch with the measurements of your garden to scale.

So you can think better how to decorate it and if you fit the things you like. Find plants you can grow in your area. Keep in mind atmospheric agents such as wind, as it is most damaging to many species.

If you have space, add a small or large fountain. You can put some lights in the garden, on the trails. You can even add feeders for nearby birds.

It includes a rest area, place seats, if you can cushions, a table, a bench, you can even set a sundial.

Choose ornamental plants and you can even add vegetables on the ground .. but follow the previous design to your garden.

If you want to help maintain soil moisture, in some of your plants .. you can add fresh and clean straw at its base.

Add stones as decorative gravel or you can also put crumbled bark over some specific places .. so we will dress the areas to decorate.

If there is a lot of sun, it includes a sun or a roof, so that your guests are at ease and have a quiet space.

We hope that these ideas help you have a beautiful, well decorated and simple garden where you can enjoy your free time.

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