Diseño árabe para jardín

Tips for designing an Arab garden

The gardens with Arabic style are ideal for walking, listening and seeing. They normally include some element that is linked to the sound of water. It is a garden that is characterized by be intimate and for seeking harmony between its parts They characterize a series of elements. We will talk about them in this article.

Division of private areas

If the area dedicated to the garden with an Arab style is wide, it can be divided into rooms that will communicate with each other by arches, railings, lattices or other elements that allow a mysterious aspect to be generated.

Water is one of the elements that can not be missing in this type of garden. It may be present in a pond, fountain or fountain. Thanks to it will bring freshness, sound, movement. You must also have different structural elements, such as piles, arches, paved walks, walls. They are usually made of stone or covered with cheerful tiles of different designs. All with a strong Arabic style.

The plants should be placed in pots, walks or flowerbeds. The walks will have to be raised with respect to the massifs. Among the plants that can not be missing in these gardens are cypress, palm trees, plants that have flowers of intense tones such as roses. Thanks to the use of the pots, a very decorative design will be obtained.

Forge lamps or lanterns can not be missing when lighting this type of garden. Thanks to them, an exotic environment will be sought. You can find beautiful models at vintage fairs or in Asian-style markets.

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