Tips for feeding carnivorous plants

Do you have carnivorous plants? If this is the case or you plan to have them, it is important that you know how to feed them … it is one of the basic cares. There are times that these types of plants are acquired, but no little bugs pass by them … so they do not eat and die of hunger. So that this does not happen it is good to inform us about how to feed these little friends.

You should know that carnivorous plants, small ones, usually feed on insects due to the absence of nitrogen in certain habitats. Some insects that usually eat, these species, are flies, ants or mosquitoes .. among others. There are many types of insects that can be better for you, this will also depend on what type of plant we have.

If your plant is small, try giving it small insects because it will have to make less effort and wasted energy to eat them. The insects that you give them must be alive .. avoid giving dead insects to your little friend and less if they have died from insecticides.

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<p>Normally a carnivorous plant will feed itself especially in summer that increase insects everywhere; but if there are no insects in the environment and you see that he is dying, try to offer them live bugs. I tell you that carnivorous plants can be long without hunting, feeding themselves through photosynthesis, but this way of survival causes them to spend a lot of energy and develop more slowly.</p>
<p>If you want your plant to grow enough, but you see that it does not eat anything, try to feed it once a week. Always offer the insect through tweezers, you will see how it catches the bug and feeds. Let him eat calmly, because carnivores work like this … it may take a week or two to digest the food and, during this process, we will see them closed.</p>
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