Cultivo de la margarita común

Tips for growing a common daisy

We will give you some guidelines so you can grow common daisy. This plant is characterized by having small flowers that grow spontaneously, especially on the walls or in nearby areas.

The seeds of the daisies are introduced between the stones and from them the plants grow. When creating an area with many daisies, a very beautiful and striking decorative effect is produced. With minimal effort you can create vertical gardens of white and green. They are also excellent plants to cover soil.

Daisy flowers they go through two phases considering their colors. First of all the flowers will be white and when they begin to ripen they begin to take a pinkish color. Both colors are combined in a decorative way.

In the event that weeds grow among the daisies, it is best to eliminate them. This will not lose its decorative value. It is usual for nettles to appear. It is best to remove the nettles from the root to prevent them from reappearing.

Is a feral flowering plant With a characteristic ethereal effect. A seed can be extracted from each of the mature flowers. Generally, thanks to the wind, these seeds spread naturally through the stone walls or through the gardens.

One of the advantages of this plant is that it does not need any maintenance and a very large flowering helping to generate a beautiful rustic style.

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