Tips for growing beautiful roses

There are many people who consider roses as essential in a garden. But roses are flowers that they can become difficult to grow, in addition to having the ability to attract different pests. While there are some points that should not be neglected, having good roses is not an impossible task.

Today we will refer to the things you should and should not do to have a garden full of roses, whether in vines, miniatures or climbers.

First of all it will be necessary to dig deep and give the plant a good amount of organic matter or bone meal to the earth. For that you must make a hole 60 centimeters deep and wide. In the case that you are going to plant roses with bare roots, you will have to form a kind of cone in the ground so that the roots can grow deep.

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<p style=You should not place the roses too close together, not too close to a wall or under a tree since they need a lot of space, sun and air. The morning sun will be much better than the afternoon sun, since the leaves will dry faster from the dew avoiding moisture and the appearance of fungi, in addition to burning less for its intensity.

The ground where you put your rose bushes must have neutral soil or slightly acidic, which has large amounts of organic matter and good drainage. In the event that the earth is alkaline you can place a specific fertilizer for roses.

If you are going to transplant them, we advise you not to place them in the place where previously there have been roses since it is possible that the earth is 'worn out' and is not suitable for these plants, in the case of having to do it the ideal would be to remove and change the earth to a depth close to 45 centimeters.

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