Cultivo de bonsai

Tips for growing bonsai

If you are thinking start grow bonsai you must choose species that are easier to grow, fortunately there are some more resistant and not too expensive species.

One of them is the olive tree, it is a beautiful species that withstands the cold well, although it is true that they will also need some daily care. They should always be grown outdoors.

The ficus is another easy to grow species. You can grow them throughout the year, although some experts consider it not recommended. The elm is very hard, one of the best options when it comes to bonsai techniques.

The propagation technique allows to produce base material for the bonsai. There are some techniques that are preferred since they allow to produce in a short time a mature trunk with branches that are properly located.

When extracting a cut part of a plant must be cut and it is placed in the right soil so that it can develop its roots. If the part that is cut is quite thick, you can get a bonsai that seems to be old more quickly than if the process starts from a seed.

Cuttings that are thinner and younger tend to develop roots more easily than cuttings that are thicker and more mature. For the propagation of bonsai the cuttings provide us with the base material, which some time later will begin to develop as bonsai.

Layered is a technique in which the development of roots in a part of the plant is promoted, for example, a branch, while still connected to the mother plant.

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