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Tips for growing Poppy

Do you need some tips to grow Poppies? This beautiful flower will help you decorate your gardens, patios or terrace. Its indescribable color is what attracts me to it, although you can find a wide range of different varieties. The cultivation tips that I propose today, serve as something basic for common Poppies to develop perfectly.

Remember that the best time to grow Poppies is in spring (especially at the beginning of it) so that we can enjoy the beautiful colors of the flower when summer begins. If you live in a place with warm weather, it will be much easier to grow this attractive flower.

Poppies develop well in places where the temperature is high and where there is a lot of light throughout the day. In addition, the soil that needs to be developed does not have anything special … its thing is that they are planted in a well drained soil, of a sandy type, in addition it must have little organic matter (in this way it is not necessary to fertilize the soil)

The care of this plant is quite simple, it does not need abundant irrigation. You can water the plants every two or three days … remember to avoid pooling the area, so that excess moisture does not accumulate. On the other hand, Poppies have a good percentage of germination, so they even become self-procreating and can sprout again, when the pods open. In general, this germination process can last between 5 and 25 days depending on the type you are growing.

The cultivation of this beautiful plant is ideal for decorating bright spaces, where they provide a beautiful and vibrant color. It gives contrast, you can also combine them with other plants of different colors. This flower is very chosen to decorate gardens, patios or balconies … it has a beautiful ornamental line that cannot be avoided!

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