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Tips for having a Feng Shui garden

One of the most used styles in recent years for the garden is feng shui. Keep in mind that the garden is an extension of the home itself, so it is very important that we can make it a comfortable place where peace reigns.

The roads and the malls that lead us to the garden must be kept free, let the plants overflow in order to reduce the movement of Chi, the paths must be kept clean and without any obstacles so that the flow of energy is not turn off

These gardens they must have a significant amount of flower species, healthy trees and shrubs, carefully pruned and balanced so that you can enjoy the elements of the garden. You can strategically place ponds, fountains, small streams that will bring an aesthetic touch and a relaxed style highly valued in this type of garden.

It is very important that a balance be maintained between Yin and Yang, combining, for example, careful foliage with rocks of different shapes, colors and textures. Vary the materials in order to balance the five elements.

The furniture we use (chairs, hammocks, umbrellas, tables) they must have their rounded shapes, with natural materials such as wood.

The lighting in the Feng Shui gardens must be very careful. It has to be subtle and soft. Thanks to it you can get the ideal atmosphere in the garden. Candles and lanterns on the table are a good option to illuminate this environment, as well as suspended lights.

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