Tips for having a hotbed

Create a seedbed It is a good alternative to continue the life of our garden, so we can continue with the reproduction of plants, all you need to know is that you will need time and patience. In the case that you do not have time or patience, you should not feel disappointed, because in the market, very good seed envelopes are sold, free of pests and subjected to different quality controls.

There is the possibility of getting a good collection of copies with a little money, if you are going to buy them pay attention to the state in which the container is, if you see it discolored or yellowish it is best that you do not buy them since they were surely a long time exposed to the sun, losing the ability to germinate.

The size of the seedbed will depend on the amount of plants you want to have, if you plan to complete small pots you will need a small amount. To start you will find that they sell modular trays that are divided into a good amount of cells, they are usually made of plastic and have the right size to generate seedlings.

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<p style=Some seeds can be planted directly in the soil or in pots. In those cases you should mix the peat with substrate that will serve as food for the seedlings.

If you are going to sow different species a good option to differentiate the zones is to place labels. Remember that the seedlings do not need much light to germinate, the excess of light, contrary to what we can think, is quite harmful.

The ideal temperature for its development should be constant, around 18-20 degrees. Remember that the seeds get to germinate thanks to the heat.

When you water the seeds you should not move the soil, it is best to spray frequently to avoid dragging the seeds or watering with a watering can with small holes. Do not flood the surface.

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