Cultivo de la violeta africana

Tips for having an African violet plant

The African violet has its origins, as the name implies, in Africa. At present it has become a plant that can be placed inside their homes. Its beautiful leaves are velvety of a dark green tone, and the flowers have a rather delicate purple color.

Although it is considered as an indoor plant it can be seen on a terrace or balcony. Its multiplication is through seeds and needs a series of specific care.

It has the ability to benefit from artificial light and it is harmed by the excess of natural light (more than 12 hours). This will benefit flowering and its growth. With this we don't want to tell you that you should not receive any natural light, but you should never exceed it in tempo.

As for the weather, some care should also be taken, it is essential to maintain a temperature around 18 degrees and that there are no sudden changes, in addition a humid environment is needed, for this you can place water containers near it.

When watering this plant you must meet a number of conditions: It is important that you do not wet the leaves since they are very delicate, you should not flood their soil. Irrigation during the summer has to be daily and in winter more sporadic, only twice a week depending on the ambient humidity.

While it is a plant that requires more care than another indoor you will see how you will like its beautiful flowers, which will fill your rooms with color.

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