Tips for planting a tree

Tips for planting a tree

Good morning, dear friends, today I propose these tips to learn how to plant a tree. There is a small list of life, in which many of us set goals and objectives to achieve.

Among many of our goals, one of them may be planting a tree … so today I leave you these little tips.

Also if you have a small plot that you want to decorate and organize, you can plant a tree. If you don't know how to do it, here are the steps!

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<p>Trees in containers or pots can be planted throughout the year, except when there is frost.</p>
<p>When you buy a tree or palm tree in a plastic pot, verify that it has not been raised on the ground and removed from it and placed in a pot.</p>
<p>You must have completed at least one complete cycle of vegetation inside the container or pot. In the rush sometimes this happens and they are sold without being properly rooted.</p>
<p>Before planting any tree or shrub it is essential to have an idea of ​​the volume it will acquire when it reaches full development over the years. Then, it will be too late.</p>
<p>Near the house plant small adult trees such as Prunus, Aligustre, Lilo, Laurel, Orange, etc. and some species of palm trees.</p>
<p>On the facade of the house you can plant deciduous trees, so that in winter they do not create too much shade by not having leaves and in summer they protect from the sun.</p>
<p>In the garden you can create a sun zone and another area to be in the shade. To create shade you can lay hold of trees or pergolas covered with climbers.</p>
<p>To plant the trees, open the holes 1 month before planting the trees and leave them like that, in the air. This will favor good ventilation.</p>
<p>If there were other plants that died before, it would be necessary to leave it at least 8 or 10 months discovered so that the possible parasitic fungi of roots that remain dormant are extinguished.</p>
<p>If the holes with the rains are flooded for many days, it is a sign that the drainage is not good and should be improved.</p>
<p>Be careful when making holes in case there are irrigation pipes, water, gas, electricity …</p>
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