Tips for planting cactus

If you like to plant cactus, today I leave you with some tips that will be very useful. I love this type of plant, there are many ways, with flowers, large, small … there are very beautiful cacti, while others have a somewhat more unique shape. But remember that you can decorate both indoor and outdoor spaces with them and they will be luxurious.

Cacti are good allies for those who do not have too much time to take care of the plants. If you want some tips to plant them, keep reading a little more and you will see how they become great friends inside your garden, patio or where you put the pot.

Create curious environments using cactus to decorate. Remember that there are many different forms of species, but I leave some common tips to all of them. If you are going to grow cacti through seeds, cuttings or grafts, you should know that to use these last two techniques it is good to let them dry, so the cut will be better sealed before planting.

To grow through seeds, for example in pots, use rather sandy soil. This way your cultivation will be a success. Remember the importance of preparing the pots so that they have good drainage. Water can stay in the roots and cause them to rot, so it is good to make some holes in the base of the pot.

The seeds, when we have planted them in pots, should be at a temperature of approximately 25 degrees. Little by little we will see how they germinate over time, more or less in the first two weeks we can see it. Although there are cacti that in 20 days will begin to germinate.

Cacti do not need too much water, but whenever you buy a new species try to look at the way you plant it, grow it; Look at the care they need to grow perfectly and develop normally. Likewise, the sun, the pampering and a good place will be essential, but as a plant the cactus does not need very special care. Do you have cacti?

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