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Tips for planting coriander at home

Planting coriander at home is a smart proposal to season our dishes with fresh leaves. The same can be said of any other spice you decide to plant and grow in pots. As a decorative solution, in particular, I love it; You can put several pots in the kitchen, this way you will have fresh spices from your own mini-garden.

Coriander is perfect to spice up our dishes. Used sparingly, its intense flavor will give that touch that we need and, at the same time, helps us decorate our dishes. If you want to plant coriander at home, here are some tips.

How to plant coriander at home

I tell you that, the coriander plant, you can buy it directly to plant it or buy seeds and grow it. To plant directly, choose a pot and add universal substrate, although I am in favor of using natural fertilizer for the land. Make a hole in the fertilized soil, and introduce the plant. Press a little and water.

If you prefer to use seeds, I recommend buying or using seedbeds. Add the soil inside, to cover almost the entire pot, leaving about 1 cm deep. Then you have to spread the seeds, 30 cm apart, on it. Then he throws more soil, covering the seeds. Finally, press a little with your hand and go. In a few days they will begin to germinate and you will see what a beautiful spectacle. The seeds will need the light to germinate, in about three weeks we will see the shoots.

Coriander is a great plant that will give flavor to our dishes, although I recommend adding a little given its intense flavor. further It is a plant that needs a lot of lighting and must be protected from elements such as wind. About irrigation, I just have to say that we should avoid excess water. Do you like spices? Do you want to plant coriander in a pot? If so, I hope you find these tips useful.

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