Tips for planting cuttings

Today I leave some tips for planting cuttings and that they come out strong and healthy, so that the plants develop in perfect conditions. If you like gardening, will you ever want to see what it is to plant a cut and how to do it so that they go well and not spoil.

Planting cuttings consists of separating from the mother plant, a stem, a root or even a leaf to plant them in special conditions and from there grow another plant independent of the first. Sometimes the cuttings give problems when it comes to rooting, but for this there are many products that will help you, in addition to some good advice.

The end result of these cuttings is a plant exactly like the mother. Remember that planting cuttings is not complicated, but it is true that we must try to make the conditions favorable and catch the trick to perform the cut in conditions, if this is done well the cuttings will develop without problems.

It is important to have a temperate environment or recreate it inside the house. The cuttings must remain in warm or temperate environments, so we will also avoid exposing them directly to sunlight or wind. The cuttings are very fragile, at the beginning … so protect them.

Try to look at cuttings whose root is about 5 cm, this measure … this length is ideal for them to grow well. Then choose a good pot, to deposit inside. Choose a small pot with prepared soil. You can prepare this land with peat and some sand. Plant your cuttings and then place a transparent film to keep the future plant of external aggressions and to maintain moisture.

After a month, uncover your copy and take it outdoors or to a window. Now the plant can be taken out in the sun, nothing happens (although it is not necessary to give it, suddenly, many hours of light) Even if they have the transparent film, you must water the cuttings by immersion and continuously.

Finally I recommend that when you take a cut, from the mother plant, try to make the cut well. You must put the cutting tool diagonally, to the stem … so make a clean cut leaving a longer tip, this tip will help your cutting better absorb water.

Photo: cooltropicalplants

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