Consejos para plantar esquejes de rosas durante el otoño

Tips for planting rose cuttings during the fall

We will give you some tips to keep in mind if you want plant cuttings during the fall. Rose cuttings can take root all year long, as long as temperatures do not appear extreme. The most used time for this work is autumn.

There are different ways to root. One of them is using alveoli tray. Each socket has eight centimeters of side and about 10/12 centimeters of profanity. The size is ideal for rose bushes, since it gives them the space for root development, they endure about six months in good condition when they already have roots.

We must fill the tray with substrate, in the case of cultivars with greater difficulty of roots, it is best to graft them, because they cannot take root.

Some substrate that has medium porosity, that is neither too light nor too heavy, should be used. It is important that you can retain moisture if it does not get waterlogged. A good option is to use perlite, which has good drainage and helps in root development.

When we go to water, we must do it carefully watering each socket, until the water comes out of the drain.

Let's prepare the stakes. We must choose healthy branches, of the current year and that have flourished. Remove the flowers and leaves, cut the cuttings with a minimum of three buds each. They may have more yolks, but never less, since they do not take root.

There are some professionals who advise add enrichment hormones. In particular I do not use substances since the substrates I use have what is necessary to favor development.

We place the cuttings in the alveoli, pressing well around and water again slightly so that the earth adheres to the wood. We put the tray in the shade But receive light. We must check periodically to verify that moisture is not lost.

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