Tips for planting shallots – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends, today I leave you some tips to learn to plant and grow shallots.

Its sweet and soft taste is ideal for many culinary dishes. There are people who prefer them to onions.

If you want to know the scientific name of this plant is Allium Ascalonicum and it belongs to the Liláceas family.

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<p>This plant, of bulbous origin, is normally found in Central Asia … well it is native to it … although it can be seen in many places today.</p>
<p>La Chalota, in France, was a real revolution on the culinary theme … adding as the main ingredient in many refined dishes.</p>
<p>If you want to know how they are, I tell you that the plant has long, thin leaves. The flowers are a beautiful purple color.</p>
<p>If I have already convinced you to plant shallots and to enjoy, later, a good taste in your dishes .. I tell you how to plant them.</p>
<p>You can do it both in the garden, as in a pot .. they are also very easy to grow .. yes, try to put them where the sun is pretty.</p>
<p>The sun is vital for this type of evergreen plant … it adapts very well to many types of weather.</p>
<p>But it is true that the sun is very important for it to develop healthy and strong. They grow well in dry and heavy soils, rich in organic matter and without recent fertilizers.</p>
<p>The use of organic fertilizers or cover the base with plant roots or straw, is also very good.</p>
<p>Shallots can be obtained at any garden store. You can plant both in seeds, and as a result of a shallot bulb.</p>
<p>Plant, the ones you choose, in small shallow trenches … 1 cm from the ground and with distances between them of about 10 cm.</p>
<p>Watering is common, as the roots of the shallots are thin and need water more frequently. Prevents the soil from drying out.</p>
<p>Finally, keep in mind some weeds that can grow, around the cultivated shallots, to eliminate them.</p>
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