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Tips for rose care

We will continue talking about the different basic care that rose bushes should receive. In the previous article we have referred to the way it should be planted. Today we will start talking about irrigation and land.

ANDl watering the roses It should be done when the soil is dry or at least once a week, watering should be abundant, to ensure that water reaches the roots. The scarce watering will generate a significant weakening in the plants, besides that the flowers will be much smaller and the periods of flowering shorter. The earth should be kept carpid, avoiding the natural cracks of the soil.

At the time of planting no fertilizer should be placed in the hole, since the new roots are very weak and can burn easily. You can start a fertilizer just 15 days after the rotation. In this case the best is a nitrogen fertilizer at the dose of the label.

In the winter you can apply a chemical fertilizer composed of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. It should be noted that manure is a good fertilizer, but it must be previously fermented and applied in the fall at a dose of three kilos per square meter.

The pruning of the roses It has to be done every year, when your sap is at rest. Thanks to pruning, a rejuvenation and plant formation is allowed. Thanks to proper pruning a vigorous and young plant will be achieved, with excellent flowering.

In pruning, old and weaker branches should be removed, leaving only three or four branches of approximately 15 centimeters.

With pruning we form a rose bush that looks elegant. If the plant is very closed or with many branches inside it should be removed and let it adapt to the new formation, keep in mind that the first bud that is under the cut should be facing outward.

It is very important that in the flowering stage old flowers are removed when the petals begin to lose, as this will prevent the depletion of silver and we will extend the flowering period.

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