Tips for the care of palm trees

The Palm trees they are really amazing plants, many develop in different ways, growing with elegance and with different requirements that are based on their places of origin.

Palm trees can be classified according to the type of leaf: palmate-type, fan-type leaves and pinnate-leaf-type palm trees. Normally palm trees are found in tropical and subtropical climates of the world. There are currently 2800 different species.

In Europe, three species are native:

  • Palmito (Chamaerops humilis).
  • Canary Palm (Phoenix canariensis). Species that geographically belongs to Africa
  • Phoenix theophrasti, found on the island of Crete and some regions of Turkey.

In Africa we find more than 120 species
In the Tropics of Asia we find about 1400 species
America: we found about 800 species
Australia and nearby islands: 400 species

For thousands of years the palm trees became of very useful for people who lived in the tropics, in many cases they were fundamental to guarantee survival, since they served as food (coconuts, edible buds), to build roofs, baskets, ropes, paper, houses. They also allow to obtain wine, liquor, sugar, oil.

If you want to grow palm trees in pots you can do it, but you must take it out in the warmer weather seasons and protect them from the cold during the winter. Inside the palm trees look very elegant.

The watering palm trees It must be frequent, from the time it is planted in the garden until it reaches two years. After this time the plant will already have been established on the ground and will only require rainwater or low water.

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