Tips for the correct development of cacti

So that your cactus can have a good flowering it is advisable leave the plant in a state of rest during the cold days of winter, minimizing the amount of water and without placing fertilizer. Make them winter inside a cool place inside the house, which is bright.

Species like the Chamaecereus silvestrii It will only bloom if it has not received a cold blow during the winter.

Those plants that winter in a cool place or without light should not receive water, since they can rot. Those who spend the winter with heat (approximate temperature of 20 degrees) should be watered moderately (3 times per month), but should not be paid.

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<p style=When you finish the resting stage of the cactus you should never take the plant out of the sun. If you have been in the dim light, you run the risk of burns. That is why you must adapt it again to the light. Don't fertilize her until the plant is adapted again, late spring. It is necessary to get used to vegetables in the sun at the beginning of the vegetative period.

The Crasas should be placed very close to the windows, some of them such as the Agave, Yucca, Nolina, Opuntia, Cereus are widely used to decorate the corridors, the landings of the stairs.

Many species do not support the direct sun, so if they are placed in a very sunny window they can be covered (the windows) with some white paper, called or a blind can be placed. Recall that the crystals do not filter ultraviolet rays, which are very harmful and can burn the epidermis of the plant.

Another good option is the use of greenhouses, in them adequate temperatures and conditions are achieved.

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