Tips for transplanting a plant

If you are looking for some advice, to transplant the plants, without problems .. today I leave you a few, I hope you find them very useful. We all pass, sooner or later, through the phase of fear of damaging or spoiling the roots of the plant, of falling or not doing it correctly. For this reason, I would like to share with you a series of tips that can be very useful.

If you are going to transplant any plant you have, one idea is to remove it from the pot and look at the roots. Check that all these roots completely fill the pot. Your root system should wrap the plant, if this has happened it is a good time to change the pot. Although changing the pot does not mean changing to the place plant. You can leave it in it, and she will surely like it.

Remember that transplanting the plant to a pot of greater volume will be essential. There are people who like to plant the seed, in a large pot from the beginning. In this way they avoid transplanting the plant when it grows and needs more space. But the right thing would be to look for a larger pot, but progressively. The final result will be to transplant it to a correct pot for the size of the plant and that is the definitive one.

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<p>If your plant has a pot with a volume of 5 L, the next pot should be about 10 liters. After this, if you need it, there would be a 15 liter pot and so on. The results will be much better if we do it progressively and not radically, from a small space to a very large one or directly in a too large one.</p>
<p>Another advice I give you is to water the plant with water, just two weeks after transplanting it. Then, after the second week, you can regulate your risks. As you can see, they are very simple tips, which you can follow with almost any plant you want to change the pot.</p>
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