Tips for you to have the best roses

You must take care that the roses don't get sick, especially protect them from fungi that appear during summer or spring. For that you must perform a spray to combat anthracnose or mold spores that have survived the winter. Roses may need a spray every month.

You should not leave any leaves from the previous season on the plants or on the ground, since they may be sick and not noticeable. Destroy the leaves and do not convert them into an organic fertilizer.

It is important that you can roses to encourage healthy growth and that the plant takes the form you want. Remove dead, damaged or weak stalks, allow it to take air and sunlight in the center of the plant, so you avoid diseases.

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<p style=It is not necessary that you can too soon when the cold or temperate weather arrives, since the rose will be lethargic and if later a strong frost appears the plant could die. It is best to prune it late just before the buds begin to sprout.

Watering your roses should be done slowly and carefully. It is advisable to do it twice a week. You should not do it at dusk since it can generate mold, nor should you do it directly on roses on very hot days or when the sun gives it directly since the sun can dry the earth before it can absorb it.

During the spring bona the roses, from this season it is advisable to do it once a month by placing compost around the plant. Always remember to use products that are specific to roses.

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