Tips for your flowers and plants to last much longer

Today I propose some tips for fresh plants and flowers, which we like, last much longer. It is normal that the plants end up wilting, since they are cut they are not in their earth, with their nutrients and others … but it is also true that this process of withered, we can prolong it with some small tips.

As the first advice I give you is to think about the type of cut we make to the flower stem. The first cut is very important, since it is decided how long that flower will last in a certain way. With the right little scissors, the perfect way to cut a stem to help it not wilt so fast is to cut obliquely. This means that we have to put the scissors diagonally, so that one peak is longer than the other.

This small "beak" is very important because it makes the plant or flower so much better absorb water from the vase. By absorbing better it will not wilt so soon, but do the test. If you want to create a bouquet, all flowers should be cut in this way. You should also do the same, even if you put only one flower.

Another tip I leave is about water. It is important to change the water every day and if it is much better in the morning. But in addition to the water additives can be added to last longer; Among these additives a good idea is to add half aspirin or a whole depending on how many flowers are inside the same container.

This will help you make fresh flowers last much longer, beautifying our spaces. Also try to give them the air and do not put them directly in the sun. Do not touch the petals or move it frequently. If we respect these tips, you will see that the flowers last longer, what do you think?

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