Tips. How to water Poinsettia

Tips. How to water Poinsettia

Good morning friends! In today's space we will learn to water and maintain the Poinsettia, which at this point we will have many of us.

The Poinsettia is one of the ideal plants to decorate during the Christmas season. If you want to know how to water your flower, today we leave you these tips.

On many occasions this plant comes to us because it has been a gift, but there are people who do not know what care they require, so here we leave you these little tricks to keep Easter flowers beautiful.

It is very important not to water on the ground, remember that the irrigation of this plant has to be very balanced.

Avoid losing its beautiful leaves, we will do this without watering it directly. To do this, take a dish with water and place it under the pot.

Water the flower twice a week, if it is in the flowering season. Check that the soil is wet, it should never dry out.

During flowering it is important to water the flower twice a week, as the plant takes extra nutrients during this time.

If the soil of the plant has become very dry, now it is recommended to water it abundantly.

You will see that the plant recovers, if the damages have not been many. If this is your case, return immediately to the irrigation habits.

Remember that we should never let the earth dry completely, although it can happen if we forget to give away or are away.

If this happens, as we have said, water abundantly and then return to your normal habits.

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