Tips on growing mushrooms at home

Tips on growing mushrooms at home

Good morning friends! Do you like mushrooms? I love them, there are all kinds of recipes to make with delicious mushrooms.

If you like them as much as I do, why not grow them! At home you can grow some mushrooms to have them both for decoration, and for use in food.

If you want to know how it is they grow mushrooms At home, today I leave you some great tips to start with it.

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<p>The first of all is to comment that between mushrooms and mushrooms, they are easier to grow mushrooms and grow earlier.</p>
<p>But if you are determined to plant the mushrooms to eat them, today I leave you these little tips that will be of great help.</p>
<p>Remember that we have to find, at home, a suitable place where we can work with mushrooms and do not disturb.</p>
<p>Remember that you can put them in boxes of porexpan or plastic, think that moisture will be what will make the mushrooms surface.</p>
<p>In addition, at the base you have to cultivate, we will put cover land or peat. After this we water everything very well.</p>
<p>It is important to know that the temperature must be maintained between 15 and 20 degrees! We have to wait a while, until we see a kind of white fluff of the earth .. when you see this you will have to style it a little.</p>
<p>Once the land has been tilled, we water again and let it rest for 15 days, sometimes more sometimes less … and you will see how you already have the mushrooms to catch … in tortillas they are very good.</p>
<p>Another day I will explain a little how to grow mushrooms at home or outside it. At the moment we are left with these tips.</p>
<p>I hope they help you to grow as many mushrooms as you want … and then taste it in a good tortilla, in a delicious scramble, in a pizza, in pasta … or sauteed.</p>
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