Tips to avoid pests

Here are some tips to avoid pests near our plants, orchards and flowers. If you have a nice garden or patio, where the plants are, don't let the pests take over them. There are many ways to fight them, but also to prevent them. So here I leave a good method of prevention, to avoid annoying insects that can spoil our flowers.

A good tip is to clean the pots and plants, in some articles I have talked about how to clean the plants carefully. Remember to remove the leaves you see dead or dry, the fallen leaves and weeds. Choose some tools that can help you during this work. Try to keep no trace of these herbs.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is to aerate the earth, from the pot, it is good to avoid that pests or insects, can land on the earth itself. If you have a very large garden or area, try doing this with a rake or something similar.

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<p>Always remember to use a good fertilizer, in this way the plants will have the necessary nutrients to grow healthy and strong. They will also need watering, some more than others. Try not to water the leaves, only the base of the plant, also if it can be with warm water. Something to keep in mind is not to over water the plant, it will die.</p>
<p>Finally it is advisable to prune, from time to time the branches and leaves to get rid of those that are not well. You can also try to trim the tip of the plants, because the small stems are very tender for pests such as snails.</p>
<p>As you can see, with these little tips, you will get a great garden. Plants will grow healthy and strong and you won't have to be afraid of pests. Anyway it is something that sometimes can not be avoided, but for this there are many tips and / or products.</p>
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