Diseño de jardines

Tips to consider in the design of the garden

In several articles we will be giving you practical tips so you can design your own garden with elements considered as non-vegetable. For your work to be effective, it is best to have a plot of the land or plot and photocopy it several times so you can work on it without problems.

If you don't have the possibility of getting the plan, you can draw it freehand. Before you start drawing the place where you want the elements, it is best to stand in the center of the garden and imagine the colors and shapes, but not only the plants.

Analyze the environment in detail, take your time. Think of the landscapes, views of the surroundings, neighboring buildings, etc. The first thing you will need to do is give your garden privacy, for them you will have to think about the walls or place fences covered with climbers, trees, etc.

If you have to design a garden for the front of your house, it should be more compact and the one in the back should have more privacy. Add color to the access door, you can skirt the path by placing seasonal plants with different colors and renew them when you want to change the decoration.

Ideally, you get find the balance between the informal and the formalThere are people who prefer to have a garden with geometric style and others that look more natural. The most classic gardens are ideal to enjoy resting, reading, meditating. The gardens that have a more urban decoration are linked to the interior of the house, it is as if it were a room located outside.

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