Elige correctamente tu enredadera

Tips to correctly choose a vine

Thanks to the vines the gardens they can look wider visually. When purchasing one of these climbing plants it is necessary to take into account some concepts so that the result is the desired one.

Among the different factors that we must keep in mind are the climate, soil, use that is sought to be given, budget available for purchase.

If the species we choose cannot adapt to the climate in which it will be of no use, all the efforts we put in will be useful since it will look weak or end up dying. Within the climate, parameters such as sunlight, temperature, wind and humidity must be kept in mind.

Its exist a lot of shade in the place where you want to plant We can choose between honeysuckle, ivy or virgin grapevine, these species have the advantage of developing perfectly in places where the light does not abound. If it is a place with lots of light, it is advisable to place bougainvillea, climbing rose, bignon, if these species are in full light, their flowering will be copious.

In dry climates or in places where we cannot water too much we can place species such as bungavilla that can bloom and develop with little water. In the event that the area is very wet, the clematis will be the best option.

There are some species that should not be placed or exposed in places with strong winds, since they cause their branches to break and not reach a good size. Fortunately some species They can adapt perfectly to areas with strong winds.

If your house is near the sea, the air has a higher level of salinity in the air, causing the leaves to burn. For the areas of alkaline climates we can place honeysuckle, ivy and passionflower.

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