Decora tu jardin para Halloween

Tips to decorate your garden on Halloween

For decorate your garden on Halloween You will only need some imagination and some accessories. At this time of the year we can start decorating using some figures and objects that scare children.

You can create some graves or gravestones using cardboard boxes, when they are ready you can place them in different places in the garden. With the help of cardboard you can create some bats and hang them from the trees.

To make ghosts form crumpled newspaper balls and cover them with white cloth or sheets. Make a wooden coffin and customize with paint.

In the same grass of the garden you can cut the grass forming crosses or gravestones and place ghosts nearby. In order for ghost fabrics to remain rigid, you can spray them with fabric starch (a product easily available in stores). You can make a cardboard coffin and leave it open simulating a ghost coming out of it.

Make some ghosts and zombies

A simple alternative is to place sticks in the garden and put a white cloth on them. At night they will look terrifying.

Another good idea is buy some toy zombie and place it in the darkest part of the park, you will see how more than one the scare of his life sticks.

Tombs are original options to add to the decoration. Put them on the road where the guests will pass and more than one will be surprised. Skulls are symbols that are also used in Halloween decoration. Get some plastic skull and paint it with a little red paint, besides being able to use them in the garden you can do it inside your house.

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