Tips to drive away the flies of your plants

On many occasions the flies take over our house, on behalf of some room, plants and … of course, fed up with everything you have to try to scare them away in some way. But this seems, sometimes, to be a complicated task. Do not give up, the important thing is to find a good solution to scare them and not return these little intruders.

If you are tired of flies flying around your houseplants and other areas that you hate, in addition to putting the health of the flowers at risk, try to find an option to eliminate them. Among the most practical advice that I can give, one of them is to eliminate all types of dead leaves or that are decomposing.

Watch the plants and remove the fallen leaves and those that you see with bad aspect; If any plant, in particular, has a problem and is dying or has rotting foliage, try to get rid of it. If the pots are decorated with plants, on the ground or sticks, try to remove some .. go below you find more waste that you have to remove.

A good advice or remedy, most homemade, is to use white vinegar (this is better). You can take in a cup and pour the product we are talking about, then leave it near the plants without any lid. This will cause the flies to go away and not approach your dear specimens.

On the other hand, something very important is to avoid excessive humidity at all costs; the water of the irrigation of your plants, if it is too much it will attract the flies. Also, if you have to use dishes filled with water, as a base for the sherds, sometimes you can increase the number of flies.

Finally I comment that if you are going to use a product, against these insects, try not to be aggressive with your plants, as some admit certain chemicals but others do not. A good idea is to get us with a strip of paper so that the bugs stay stuck to it, it is not nice to see, but the flies will gradually disappear.

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