Cómo lograr que tu ramo de flores dure más

Tips to keep your bouquets longer

We will give you some easy to follow concepts Thanks to which you can prolong the life of your flowers.

On different special occasions the large bouquets of flowers take center stage in our environments, becoming decorative. To be able to preserve them for a longer time you must provide them with good conditions.

Note that each bouquet of flowers is different and each of them will need specific care, despite them some basic points will guide you to take care of your bouquet. These tips can be taken into account from the moment we go to buy the flowers, in these cases we must always choose the flowers that were not exposed to the sun, that are fresh and, if possible, buy them first thing in the morning.

The truth is that many of the flowers sold in florists have a treatment so that they last longer, but you should always avoid direct contact with the sun, in addition to maintaining a warm temperature and being placed in a place where you do not there are drafts. During the nights if the temperature is more pleasant they can be placed on the balcony or in the windows.

The water where we place them it must be clean and will be changed at least once a day. The leaves should not be submerged, if necessary we must cut them. If the stem of your bouquet is very long you can count it at an angle of 45 degrees, if possible common knife in the water.

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