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Tips to make your plantation a success

Today I leave several tips with which you will have, practically guaranteed, a good plantation. There are always multiple and diverse factors that can make a dent in it, but as long as everything goes well you just have to follow some suggestions for your plants to grow healthy and safe.

These tips serve both perennials and perennials and remember that a little information never hurts … especially if you are one of the people who do not usually plant very often or is your first time. If you love plants, learn what you must do to make the plantation succeed.

It is essential that the purchase you make of seeds and plants is good, because if the product you buy is not of much quality … you can practically have lost the plantation. To do this you must take into account some aspects of the plant, whether it is a nursery or they are good quality seeds. The plant you choose must be very vigorous. To know if the plant is good, one idea is to observe the root ball of it.

The root ball will show us its roots, leaving part of them in the air we can contemplate them to see how the plant is at the root level. In addition to this you must take into account other factors, for example the type of land where you want to plant or cultivate.

Its preparation will be based on the type of soil you have, if it is softer, less soft, if it is more or less enriched, whether or not it is porous. If you need to enrich it to be more fertile, all this must be taken into account to prepare it accordingly.

It is important to aerate the soil, provide all the nutrients you need and thus enhance its richness. Add homemade compost, if you can or else buy the one that best suits you for the species you want to plant. On the other hand we have to control the weather, what kind of weather is in your garden?

Depending on the weather you usually have at home, what you may or may not plant depends … well, not all plants are the same. You must also take into account the time in which you want to plant, because not all species are planted at any time. Theirs is to choose a time when it is not too hot or too cold, extreme temperatures are not good for starting crops.

Once you take into account that the plant is healthy, that the soil is properly enriched and that the species to be planted is perfect for the time and climate, you can start. Make the holes where you want to put the plant and then press the specimen a little against the ground. Add one more layer of it and water to stimulate.

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