Tips to preserve the color of the leaves

If you have a plant that it has its leaves splashed or with stripes of different colors it is essential that they maintain that particular attraction throughout the year, in addition to preserving the flowers for longer.

In order for the leaves to maintain the colors they must receive adequate light, the intensity of the color of the leaves and the veining increases in relation to the amount of light they receive, so the plants that are in the shadows have leaves with more muted colors , a clear example of them are ferns.

Plants that have colored leaves adapted to not need so much green pigment on the leaves by absorbing the sun's energy and the brightest colors.

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<p style=Tips to maintain the color of the leaves:

  • Provide lots of light, preferably indirectly. Among the most resistant varieties are the Croton, Cryptanthus, Iresine, Schefflera, Heuchera, who can receive more light in the most intense hours of the day.
  • You must protect the plants from strong air currents, which can cause their leaves to fall.
  • Water them with water that does not contain lime and is somewhat warm. Periodically spray the leaves with lime-free water (since they generate spots).
  • Makes preventive treatments Against pests that appear during spring, remember that prevention is always better than cure.
  • Clean its leaves by helping you with a sponge or with a damp cloth in warm water, ideally to be distilled.
  • Keep the temperature of the environment uniform, many plants do not like cold weather. It is recommended that the ideal temperature be 18 degrees for green plants. Excessive heat can cause the leaves to dry, so it is dangerous to place them near sources of heat such as kitchens, radiators, fireplaces. During the summer the plants can be placed outside, on a terrace, balcony or in the garden.

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