Tips to recover plants damaged by the sun

Good morning friends, today I leave you with some tips to learn to recover some plants that may be spoiled by the summer.

After this period of heat, there are plants that resent .. normally due to excess sun and high temperatures.

Sometimes we go on vacation and do not take proper precautions, regarding these flowers.

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<p>In this way, when we return we find plants more dead than alive. If you want to avoid this, one idea is to ask someone to take care of your plants … have automatic irrigation that you can schedule or take these tips.</p>
<p>One idea is to make use of products such as biostimulants for plants. This product is a fertilizer that acts as a protector.</p>
<p>In this way it makes the plant more resistant to weather, external agents and certain diseases.</p>
<p>To recover already damaged plants, you can transplant them and add new soil in better conditions.</p>
<p>Prune the lower roots, those in poor condition and add good drainage. A little water to moisten and do not water until the roots recover.</p>
<p>Try not to give the sun, you can even put these plants in a bag .. so the water will not evaporate and leave until it takes root.</p>
<p>One tip is to take the plant twice a day, so you can breathe a little. When you see that the top is dry, water a little but not overdo it.</p>
<p>As you can see these tips are very simple to follow, especially those at the beginning. The first tips are to prevent the plant from being damaged during the summer.</p>
<p>The second tips I propose are to recover some plants that have already spoiled and it seems that not much can be done for them.</p>
<p>All will not recover but surely some will.</p>
<p>Photo: hort</p>
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