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Tips to take care of your garden during the fall

With the arrival of autumn we will see how our garden is changing of colors, turning yellow and ocher protagonists. At this stage of the year we must take care of it and prepare it for the arrival of the cold winter, if we do not take the necessary measures we will surely have to renew many species for next year.

During the fall, pruning of trees, shrubs, rose bushes, etc. should be carried out. Take the opportunity to remove the diseased branches and those that are dry. Plant species that have a flowering and winter resistance, for example violets or marigolds. Another good option is to plant conifers.

You can also start Plant those bulbs that bloom in the spring. We will cover the foot of the youngest plants in the garden, put compost or manure, so the soil around the plants will not dry out and protect the roots from frost.

Make a zurco around the trees so that rainwater can be stored. With respect to the lawn you should take care of the excess water, avoid watering them as it will take advantage of the humidity of the nights.

Move tropical plants from your potted garden where you can protect them from rain and frost. A clear example is what happens with aloe vera plants, which do not resist wet soils.

Some trees, such as almond trees, should be planted alongside other pollinated plants to take advantage of this advantage.

Some Flowering plants are ideal for autumn, between them Helianthus sp (its foliage is deciduous and its flowers are yellow, it has the advantage of supporting diseases and pests), Leonotis Leonurus (a very branched species and its foliage is perennial), Anemone Japan (it forms very dense bushes, the flowers are double pink, lilac or white), Aster ‘Novae Angliae’ (reaches great height), Crysanthemum sp.

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