Tomato germination

Good morning friends, if yesterday we talked about the tomato and its cultivation .. today I would like to report a little about the germination of this plant.

If you are determined to cultivate tomatoes, keep in mind that you can do it both on the ground, as in pots .. and something fundamental is that you do it in sunny places.

If you don't grow tomatoes in places that Sun For a few hours, you just won't have tomatoes! But today I leave some information about the germination of tomatoes.

Keep in mind that we must sow them in seedlings, if possible in a greenhouse or inside our home.

Try to do the operation between six or eight weeks, before a frost arrives … or rather the last frost of the season if you are going to plant it for spring.

Remember that the tomato is quite prone to cold, it does not like this and therefore we must protect it from extreme or very low temperatures .. since these will end up killing the plant.

After having done this, we will let three weeks pass from planting and then we will transplant the small shoots to a somewhat larger container.

You can improvise your small container, for the tomato sprouts .. for example using the container of a yougurt.

If you have an orchard or a large pot, after the last frost is the best time to pass the small tomato plants.

Try to take good care of the tomato plants, as we said it is good to water them abundantly but without wetting the leaves and without doing it daily.

In addition, for the sun to help warm the roots, we must remove the leaves that grow below … this is good and your tomato will grow big and strong.

Avoid extreme temperatures and strong wind, this could put an end to tomato plants. I hope these tips will be of great help.

Photo: lorakrulak

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