tipos de tomates diferentes

Tomato varieties

Do you want to grow tomatoes? Today I leave some of the many varieties of tomatoes that exist. I remind you that there are many, so obviously I will not quote them all … but some of them. Do you want to plant tomatoes?

It does not matter if it is outdoors, on the ground or in a pot, but if it is important to know or take into account that there are many different varieties of tomatoes … whether to plant, to buy and consume.

A tomato, which may sound like you, is called Anna Russian. As you will have found out, its precedence is from Russia and is usually seen in cultivated areas in North America. The tomato, this time, has a rather pink color and a medium large size. With fine skin and delicious flavor, this tomato is used to make sauces.

The Bella Rosa tomato, whose name I love, is widely used by those who want a tomato more resistant to diseases and pests. Its production is quite abundant and we can see them as large fruits and a beautiful bright red color. Their rounded shape makes them spectacular for decorating and eating.

Applause tomato usually has very red fruits. These fruits are smaller in size than the previous ones and have a very soft and sweet taste. It is delicious to enjoy it in a culinary way. The plant is compact and its production is early.

Finally I leave you with two more modalities, the Black cherry tomato and La Bombilla. The first comes from a large plant, with a rather average production. The fruit is a dark red color and is very striking. Its size is rather small and its flavor gives off sweetness.

Finally, the tomato La Bombilla, is a rather medium plant. Its fruits are small and a beautiful red color. The skin is not thick, quite the opposite and its production is quite high. An average of 1 kg of tomatoes can be taken from each plant, with a delicious sweet taste.

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