Trapadoras, some tips for irrigation

Climbing plants require certain special careAmong them, irrigation, fertilizer, weed removal, pruning and control of pests and different fungi that can attack your plant stand out.

With regard to irrigation we can tell you that the frequency in climbing plants depend on different factors: weather, sun, wind, etc.

The climate of the area is very important to establish the irrigation of climbing plants, in case the temperatures are higher and there is little rainfall it will be important to water them more.

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<p style=If the plant is found located in the sun You will need more water than if you are in the shade.

When the climber is in an area of ​​high winds it will need more water than if it is placed in the shelter, since with the wind the leaves tend to become more dehydrated.

If the soil is sandy it can retain less water, so it will be necessary to provide more water. In the case of more clay soils, which retain more water, the irrigation will be less.

Some species need more water than others that are more resistant to dry sites. The larger climbers will consume more water than small plants, since their leaves need more food. When the leaves fall during the winter they will not need watering at that time. A flowering plant has greater water needs.

There are many points that must be taken into account when knowing that amount of water is needed. For that, each particular case must be analyzed.

Some key points that you should keep in mind: it is always better to put less water than to spend with the amount, avoid wasting water since it is a scarce good, excess water can cause death by rotting the roots, in addition the excess water generates a soil impoverishment by dragging mineral nutrients deep.

In addition the water in abundance collaborates in the appearance of weeds. If you water too much the plants will grow superficial roots since they will not have the need to look for water in the depth.

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