Treatments for aphids

One of the most frequent pests that our plants suffer are aphids, it is also one of the easiest problems to detect. In case the problem is not treated in time it can become very invasive and help the appearance of other pests, for example, cochineal.

Aphids appear with the arrival of heat and with drought, their time of greatest proliferation is during spring and summer. As we mentioned earlier, they are very small and easy to detect insects, with a soft body and an oval shape.

They live in many gardens and there are few plants that cannot get sick from them. They are installed at the ends of the stems, when they are in full development, their size is visible. Plants that are attacked by aphids suffer a clear development disorder.

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<p>One of the first symptoms of this plague is the <strong>deformation of new leaves</strong>. This is a consequence of the aphids get to suck the sap of the plant, generating a reduction in their energy and strength. Then the leaves begin to cover a rather sticky substance.</p>
<p>This substance is a<strong> kind of molasses segregated by aphids</strong>, which is an excellent transmitter of black mold, especially in humid environments.</p>
<p>While we can do many things to have controlled plants, aphids can come in different forms. We advise you that, if a plant was affected, you isolate it in some way from the rest to avoid contagion.</p>
<p>When aphids have appeared you should<strong> perform an effective treatment</strong>, using some <a title=insecticide Make it effective. To prevent its appearance you can take some measures: first you must monitor the plants frequently, especially at the tips of the stems.

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How to treat aphids

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