Tree Functions

Trees are very useful for the continuity of life in the world, We will tell you some of the valuable utilities and functions that they fulfill:

Trees have the ability to provide shade
This is very important for any garden, since having shade is ideal to rest and make some crops of the species that are better protected, avoiding the sunniest areas.

They humidify the environment
Trees and plants are at all times releasing water vapor through their leaves, this is called perspiration and allows the air to cool, to get wet and the environment to benefit from it.

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<p><strong>Trees help to oxygenate the air</strong><br />Trees produce oxygen every day, some of them have the capacity to benefit up to 10 people. The more leaves have more oxygen they will produce.</p>
<p><strong>They help reduce environmental pollution</strong><br />Trees have the ability to retain in their leaves dust and particles floating in the air, which allows us to breathe much better. When the leaves fall during the fall, they carry with them the contaminating dust. Remember that air pollution influences the health and quality of life of people.</p>
<p><strong>Trees help reduce noise</strong><br />The larger the tree, the more isolated your garden will be from outside noise.</p>
<p><strong>Produce food</strong><br />This is very important. Thanks to the fruit trees you can get a lot of spices, fruits, gums, oils, resin and much more.</p>
<p><strong>Trees serve as shelter for animals</strong><br />They serve to provide shelter for the large number of animals that can also create their nests in the branches.</p>
<p><strong>They are decorative</strong><br />The trees are very beautiful, they can give a fantastic look to the area in which they are placed. Vast to observe them in the different seasons and see how the colors of their leaves form a very colorful range of colors.</p>
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