Trick to take care of your pets' plants

If you have pets at home, today I leave you with some good tricks that will help keep your beloved species safe. It is true that some pets are given to play with the land surrounding plants. The land of the planters or the plant in general, no matter the race .. just give them to play or eat them.

This is not attributable to all pets, but some have the habit of eating some grass or something similar, to purge inside. Anyway, you're sure to be a little tired of exposing your plants to some of the pets. If you see that your pet does not leave the plants you have in the garden, patio or on the terrace alone … today I leave you some great tips that will help you in this work.

While education may be at odds, with the destruction of plants … sometimes it is inevitable, the poor animal wants to play for a while. You must habituate your pet, little by little, to new plants or to the garden. Do not leave it alone, use the leash and pass it all over the place. Reassure your animal, if you see it nervous, don't give it any more incentives or keep walking with it.

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<p>If we talk about a dog, we should take it out while it is calm and not with stress or desire to play. In this way we will be accustoming the animal to not go directly to the plants, if not to leave the house quietly or look out the terrace quietly, without nerves.</p>
<p>If you have many plants, try to have a hole through which your animals can walk freely. That they do not have to be among the plants, because they will surely end up throwing themselves into them. Create a simple path and walk with your pet over there. Many animals can take the habit of walking quietly, without eating or playing with plants … but we have to have some patience.</p>
<p>Another idea is to put some entertainment in the garden. Toys suitable for your type of animal and thus leave the plants aside. If the animal has nothing to play with, it may get bored and begin to trample and dig the earth.</p>
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