Trick to water the plants

Today I leave you a great trick to water the plants of your house. There are times that we have to go out for a few days or else we go on vacation. In these situations we are forced to leave the plants in charge of someone close or leave them during those days without water. But you can also go to a series of tips, so that your plants never lack water.

Remember that depending on the species you are growing, they will need more or less water. If you go on vacation or for a few days and your plant needs to be watered, there are some homemade options that you can follow. Something very simple, to do at home, is to take a piece of long rope. Cut this piece into three parts and then join them by a knot, at one end.

After this he makes a braid, with the three rope ends. Finally you must connect this rope, with the pot and a container full of water. It's easy, you just have to put a container and fill it with water. Place it next to the pot, where you have the plant placed and then insert one end into the pot and another into the container.

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<p>You will see that the cord absorbs water and so your plant will remain watered as long as you leave. But in addition to this, you can use other types of tricks, if you continue reading you will discover it. Also in the next article, I leave you with even more advice so that your plants remain healthy and grow perfectly.</p>
<p>Another option you can use is a bottle of water! Yes, as you are listening to it … with a plastic bottle, of those that have contained soda or water, you can make a great irrigation system! It is easy to do, so I hope you like this option and find it as useful as I do.</p>
<p>Take the water bottle, so that it works better, and you make some holes in the cap. Then close the bottle tightly, with the cap pierced and put it face down. Insert the entire bottle, full of water, into the pot. To do this, make a hole in the ground and put the bottle. It's easy and you'll see how well they water.</p>
<p>If you use this last method, first water the plant well and then introduce the bottle. In this way the earth will absorb the water, when it needs it and requires it. If you see that the bottle looks, add more soil. If only the plug comes out, try putting some natural trim like stones or something of this style.</p>
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