Tricks How to eliminate weeds?

Do weeds spread through your garden? Do not miss another minute, they have to be well started; otherwise they will continue betting on invading all the space, the roads, the plants or the grass. But with some tips and articles, walking around the house, they can be easily removed so that they do not come out again.

We are in spring! enable your outdoor areas, do not forget to take care of these spaces .. so you can enjoy it on many occasions. Weeds can be torn off or disposed of using items such as salt, baking soda or even a mixture of vodka. If you want to know a little more, read on …

To use bicarbonate, just spread it around weeds, on them or near plants, to cut the path of these herbs. In this way we will eliminate them with total safety, since the environment created by the bicarbonate is not suitable for this type of herbs.

To use the vodka, you have to mix it with a little detergent and two cups of water; You can do this with a plastic bottle or put the mixture in a spray. Then spray the solution on the weeds. Try to do this treatment at noon or on sunny days. If the sun rises, directly on weeds, the mixture will have much more effect.

Finally, the well-known salt is a good ally to eliminate weeds. To do this in a bowl, put two cups of water and one cup of salt; Let everything boil and then pour the mixture over the herbs. Try to pour salt only on weeds, try not to fall on land near other plants. You will see that they are very simple remedies, of walking around the house. I hope you find them very useful, to have a beautiful garden.

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