Tricks to Keep Cut Flowers from the Garden

Tricks to Keep Cut Flowers from the Garden

If you love flowers, decorating with them is a great solution for this spring and throughout the summer 2012. That is why today we will love to propose some solutions or tips to keep the flowers in perfect condition for longer.

In this case if you have a garden, you have a small patio or terrace … even if it is a balcony and you have fresh flowers, here are some suggestions that can help your flowers, freshly cut, remain beautiful for longer … this is Perfect for decorating the tables making beautiful floral arrangements or decorative centers.

One of the first steps is select the container where the flowers will go … it seems silly, but it is one of the most important things … because this will make the flowers better or not. To start the chosen container may be a glass, a jar or a vase but it must always be made of glass or we will try that.

Always ensure that the chosen container, in this case a glass one, should cover at least 7 or 10 mm of the lower part of the stems of cut flowers in your garden.

When we have the flowers chosen, remember to cut -always- so oblique.. that is to say endiagonal .. this cut is very important if you want your flowers to remain fresh.

If we are going to perform centerpieces and arrangements, some will carry only water .. but if you introduce gardener sponge, to prick the flowers .. try to make it wet with water.

Now, the water that we are going to use to introduce it into the container should usually be warm water, neither hot nor cold .. but warm .. yes, this will depend on the type of flowers that we are going to introduce .. for example for bulbs like Fresias or Hyacinths we must use cold water.

The water renovation It will be every two days, more or less. But there are still more tricks so that your flowers remain beautiful for longer … for example, before going to sleep we will place the jars, centerpieces or floral arrangements in places of the house where they are cooler .. during the day we will avoid, always , that the vessels receive sunlight directly.

Finally a simple trick that will make the flowers not wilt so quickly, is the introduce half aspirin in the water .. in this way the life time will be extended.

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